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Empowering communities to overcome mental health challenges through our whole person approach. When talk therapy isn’t enough, Fraley & Associates has the answers.



Dr. Lynn Fraley

Dr. Lynn Fraley

Dr. Lynn Fraley has worked as a therapist with child and adult survivors of all types of abuse, chemical dependency, divorce & blended family structures as well as more severe and long-term mental illnesses.

Dr. Fraley has been trained in a variety of different methods, though she prefers to take an eclectic approach, which enables her to tailor psychotherapy and rehabilitation techniques to the specific needs of her clients.


Fraley & Associates

Helping to connect our community, one story at a time

Dr. Lynn Fraley is acutely aware of the lack of mental health support available in communities nationwide. This is why she launched Fraley & Associates and affiliated programs, Holistic Neurodevelopment and Legend Equine Assisted Psychotherapy. She saw a need and wanted people in her community to get help before falling into the pitfalls that await those who don’t get intervention.

Her psychotherapy sessions with children and adults alike, are a true labor of love and she honestly feels like going into the office is NEVER work.

This is because she knows that cutting edge neuroscience is radically changing the playing field. What doctors once believed were lifelong mental health diagnoses, have now simply become hurdles for clients to overcome.


Legend Equine Assisted Psychotherapy

Animal assisted therapy using horses is a relatively new field of study and is emerging at a very rapid pace. With more programs turning to equine assisted psychotherapy each day, one may wonder what unique experiences horses offer that enhances your growth and healing in ways that traditional therapy alone does not.

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Holistic Neurodevelopment

Holistic Neurodevelopment provides an integrated approach to therapy, empowering clients to reach their personal and professional goals. We focus on the whole person rather than isolated aspects of development. Learn how to communicate, connect & contribute to create a bright future.

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