Check out my list of 100 fun questions to ask your spouse. Connecting with your partner is all about mindfulness.

How often do you have mechanical conversations with your other half? Come on, now be HONEST.

Ladies and gentlemen, you know exactly what I am talking about! 

“Hi honey, how was your day?”

…with scintillating conversation like this who needs to even think about an answer. This conversation begs for simple stock replies.

“Oh, I picked up a gallon of milk and some asparagus. How was your day?”


100 Fun Questions to Ask Your Spouse!

Just Going Through the Motions? 100 Fun Questions to Ask Your Spouse! 

SO I am going to share some questions that you can ask your spouse today – that are SURE to spice up your discourse.

Communication is all about being present and it’s obvious that many of us are just going through the motions.

Yeah, I hear ya – life is mundane, but that doesn’t mean your conversations should be? Take the bull by the horns and reach out to your partner.

Showing REAL interest in their thoughts and what makes them special works wonders for your bond.

So here are 100 fun questions to ask your spouse – treat it like a game and see how many of them you can get through this week! I’d love to hear how it went.


100 fun questions to ask your spouse 

If you had an endless source of money & could take a sabbatical, where would you go?

The The cool part about a conversation like this, is it can open a dialogue about travel and future plans. My fiancé and I do this quite often. Inevitably, our dreams turn into reality when we buy a plane ticket to an unexpected destination. A sabbatical may not be in your near future but dreaming about one can help you think outside of your four walls. It may even present opportunities you and your partner never thought possible!


100 Fun Questions to Ask Your Spouse Move

Have you ever thought about pulling up sticks and moving?

All too often we assume our partners are happy with the status quo. They may not be the case. Possibly they dream of another life when the kids go to college. Even if you only want to fantasize a little, this kind of question can add some sizzle. Where would you live if money and family weren't an issue? The answer may surprise you!


100 Questions to ask your spouse dinner

If you could have a public figure over for dinner (alive or dead) who would it be?

This is fun! It also shows you what’s important to your partner. Would they pick out a politician for a lively debate or a sporting figure to run through some fancy footwork? All too often we forget there is more to the person sitting across from us than we will ever know.


100 Fun Questions to Ask Your Spouse Martini

How do you take your martini? Shaken or stirred?

It’s the famous James Bond conundrum. Do you even know? 😉


100 Fun Questions to Ask Your Spouse when you grow up

What did you want to be when you were a kid?

Sometimes we forget that our partner was once a child with ambitions that have nothing to do with current reality. My fiancee wanted to be a rockstar and I wanted to be a writer. Neither one of us knew that we harbored these dreams...which are so distant from our realities. This is just one of the 100 fun questions to ask your spouse!


100 Fun Questions to Ask Your Spouse God

Is there an afterlife? Yay or nay?

You'd be surprised by the number of clients I have that have no idea how their spouse feels about death. It’s an import part of the life cycle and the answer may give you a lot of insight into his or her outlook. Are they an atheist or an agnostic?! There is a lot of juice in this question.


100 Fun Questions to Ask Your Spouse Ghosts

Do you think ghosts are fact or fiction?

Did you know there are many who believe they’ve had encounters with the spirit world? Is your partner one of them? What better way to spend a dark and stormy night than by sharing spooky scary stories! It’s a good time to get your cuddle on too!


100 Fun Questions to Ask Your Spouse pets

If you had to choose – are you a dog person or cat person?

This may be one of the more surprising topics in my suggestions for 100 fun questions to ask your spouse arsenal. You can find out a lot about your partner by pinpointing their preferences in this area. Studies have shown that there are real psychological differences between cat and dog owners. You can read more about this by clicking here!


100 Fun Questions to Ask Your Spouse Car

What was your first car?

Did your mom and dad buy you shiny new wheels or did you have to work your bum off to get a beater that you were embarrassed to drive into the school parking lot? Out of all my top 100 fun questions to ask your spouse, this will tell you a lot about your partner’s background and work ethic! It may even lead to some fun stories about your teen years!


100 Fun Questions to Ask Your Spouse Character

What’s your worst trait?

All too often we talk about our talents and dreams…but what would you ideally like to change about yourself? We all have bugbears and you may be surprised to find out what your partner is struggling with. Unfortunately, these aren’t topics we talk about openly to our partners. It makes all the difference in the world to TRULY understand what the person you live with would like to change.


00 Fun Questions to Ask Your Spouse introvert

Do you see yourself as an introvert or an extravert?

Ok, so you are living with the life of the party – but how do they see themselves socially? You might be shocked to find out that your seemingly gregarious partner is super-shy and considers themselves to be an introvert. What we see on the outside isn’t always when people feel on the inside. Why not ask!?


100 Fun Questions to Ask Your Spouse Concert

What’s the first concert you went to?

This is a great question! Was it something super embarrassing? Maybe you were jamming to White Snake with your 80’s metal hair? Bob Dylan? Or were you more of a hip hop fan? A first concert will give you a great peek into the creative world of your partner. Music is one of those topics that reveals a lot about the person.


100 Fun Questions to Ask Your Spouse Last meal

Last meal – what would you have?

Food is life. So, your partner had 24 hours left on this planet, what would they select from the menu? I was surprised to hear that my fiancé wanted burgers, fries and a chocolate milkshake! Who knew? I was thinking he might opt for something more unusual. Out of the 100 fun questions to ask your spouse this one really surprised me.


100 Fun Questions to Ask Your Spouse Shame

What’s the thing you’ve done that you’re most ashamed of?

Hey, it may sound a little heavy going, but we all have moments we would rather forget. Sometimes it’s really freeing to unchain those ghosts. This can also be an exercise in trust and understanding and may also provide some hilarity! My partner and I had some real doozies to share! It's times like these that make 100 fun questions to ask your spouse really worthwhile.  


100 Fun Questions to Ask Your Spouse ALIVE

What makes you feel alive? 

Work, bills and responsibilities take over the show. When you think about 100 fun questions to ask your spouse – these topics shouldn’t be part of the equation. You need to ramp up the creativity. What makes your partner's heart stop? So much of life is about the mundane details! What are those little things that make it all worthwhile?


100 Fun Questions to Ask Your Spouse Island

If you’re about to be stranded on a desert island, and you could bring ONE thing. What would it be?

The two of you can rack your brains to try to figure out the most useful device to have in case of an emergency. Such an exercise will give you insight into the thought process and values of the person you love. Would they opt for a luxury or necessity? Find out this week when you go through 100 fun questions to ask your spouse!


100 Fun Questions to Ask Your Spouse Fear

What scares you?

Being open about fear isn't particular supported in society. Unfortunately that means we often go out of our way to cover them up. The result? We may seem to be invulnerable. What better way to connect than by listening to one another’s concerns. We are all afraid of something – some of us are just better than others when it comes to concealing our concerns. 


100 Fun Questions to Ask Your Spouse Relationship

What can I do to change our relationship for the better?

There’s always room for growth. Listening is sadly lacking in a lot of relationships. Is there something that the two of you could be doing to make your connection better? All you need to do is ask and act! Sometimes VERY small things can make BIG changes. To get the most out of my 100 fun questions to ask your spouse, you have to be willing to hear what your partner says without judgement. This may take some getting used to.


100 Fun Questions to Ask Your Spouse change the world

If you had one wish what would you do to change the world?

This is a seriously tough question. There are so many issues that need attention in the world and a million things to fix. What would your partner do to switch things up? World peace? A cure for cancer? An end to homelessness? The answer will really help you and your spouse navigate what’s important. I truly love this one it's one of my favorite 100 fun questions to ask your spouse. 


100 Fun Questions to Ask Your Spouse Strengths

What do you think my strengths are?

It’s funny, our idea of who we are and our partner’s idea of who we are often worlds apart. Why not open yourself up to finding out how you appear to those who are closest to you. You might be surprised! An "outsider's" perspective is quite often exactly what we need to gain some insight. It's also pretty nice to hear some positive things 🙂  


100 Questions to Ask Your Spouse Book

If you could recommend only one book, what would it be and why?

Most of us have been forever moved by a book. What would your partner like you to read if they could give you only one selection – and what makes it important? Book choices are very, very personal and will give you an idea of what your spouse likes to read about in their spare time. Ha! You my even find out that your partner enjoys marvel comics. You never know! 


100 questions to ask your spouse love

When did you know I was the person for you?

Our culture is filled with grand gestures, engagements, weddings and childbearing – but quite often the moment someone signs on for a lifetime isn't earth shattering. It could be something as small as the way you took the garbage out for them when they were sick! Find out what makes you different from the others. It's good to know why your spouse selected you as a mate. 


100 questions to ask your spouse wish

Is there anything you WISH you could have done?

Maybe your partner had a hankering to hang with the Rolling Stones that was never realized. Life has a way of taking us down different paths than we originally planned. Find out if there are any outstanding regrets. Maybe there is a way to act now 🙂 If not, asking this question may make for an interesting night of reminiscing! 


100 questions to ask your spouse Change

If you could change ONE thing about yourself what would it be?

Maybe your partner is always bumping into things and wished that he or she had the dexterity and athleticism of magic Johnson? Or possibly they burn water and always wanted Julia Child's mad cooking skills. If they could switch it up what would your spouse change about themselves? You never know, this question could reveal so much about your partner's inner world.  


100 questions to ask your spouse arrest

Have you ever broken the law?

Come on admit it! Lots of us have bent the law. Even the most honest people have had moments of weakness. Is your partner a straight arrow or do they have a dark and sordid past? Maybe you will find out something you never knew about your partner!


100 questions to ask your spouse superpower

If you could be granted one superpower what would it be?

Would you like to leap over buildings in a single bound? I personally love the idea of being able to travel around under a cloak of invisibility. Just think about what you could do with that superpower! Find out how your spouse feels about reading your mind when you ask this questions over a glass of wine. 


100 questions to ask your spouse - Death

Have you had a near death experience?

Choking on pennies – almost drowning! Kids get themselves into a world of trouble when their parents turn their backs. Has your partner had a near death experience? If so, have them share their story! I have a friend that nearly lept from a 3 story bathroom window! These death defying tales are pretty entertaining AFTER the fact! 


100 questions to ask your spouse embarrassed

What’s your most embarrassing moment?

People by nature don’t want to share “weak” moments – but these are exactly the experiences that bring us closer together. They most definitely makes us more human. Let's face it, who wants to be with a partner who can't show vulnerability. So feel free to share away! If you can't be real with your spouse than who can you be real with after all?


100 fun questions to ask your spouse

If you could waive a magic wand would you go back in time?

Some of us are happy with our cumulative experiences while others might want to go back and switch things up. Is there something that haunts your partner? Would they like to relive their more youthful days? It would be great to talk about what they would do with this sort of opportunity! Magic moments often accompany 100 fun questions to ask your spouse. 


100 questions to ask your spouse team

Are you a team player or a leader?

Not everyone enjoys the same cuppa tea – thankfully! Is teamwork important to your spouse or would they prefer to lead the way? This will give you a lot of information about how you interrelate with one another. I for one am a leader, which makes it all the more important to find out how this impacts my partner.


100 questions to ask your spouse happy

What season makes you happiest?

Are you a summer baby that loves to frolic in the sunshine or a winter baby that wants read a good book in front of the fire with some hot chocolate? This may sound like a no brainer, but you might be surprised. Do you really know your spouse and what makes their heart sing? Find out today when you use one of my 100 fun questions to ask your spouse! 


100 questions to ask your spouse faith

Science or faith? If you had to choose your approach which would it be?

Some people need facts, figures and spreadsheets, while others act on their gut and emotions. Faith is one of those things that many people struggle with - while others simply accept. Where does your partner fall on this spectrum? Spirituality and faith are topics that are often avoided because of the potential for conflict. 


100 questions to ask your spouse sex

How many times per week/month/year would you like to get lovin’ in?

In my practice, I’ve seen far too many couples who don’t discuss their sex life and expectations - AT ALL! How can you make someone happy if you have no idea what the answer to this question is! Why not get down and dirty to find out if you are meeting your spouse's expectations in this department. You may be surprised by the answers. 


100 questions to ask your spouse gossip

Gossip – is it entertaining or reprehensible?

For some of us gossip is nothing more than a little tit bit to make boring days a little more interesting. Hey what people don’t know won’t hurt ‘em right? For others, this is a no no! Something that is the ultimate character buster. Do you know how you spouse feels about chit chatting behind someone's back?


100 questions to ask your spouse decade

What decade would you be reborn into?

Have you ever felt like a fish out of water in 2017? Maybe you feel at home in vintage shops and yearn for big band music. What decade would you choose to be born into? Flower power of the 60’s or maybe a flapper in the roaring 20’s? Find out where your partner thinks they belong in history!


100 questions to ask your spouse employee

Would you rather be an employee or an entrepreneur?

Entrepreneurs are a very specific breed. What sort of lifestyle would your spouse choose? Life on the edge with endless responsibility and possibilities or the security of a paycheck and vacation time with no strings? This question will give you a lot of insight into your partner and their role in your relationship. 


100 questions to ask your spouse loved

What do I do specifically that makes you feel loved?

It’s the little things that make a good relationship and knowing what makes someone feel loved is SOOO important. Acting on this answer will create a seamless flow of energy between the two of you. Take a moment to find out what you do that makes your partner feel loved and then run with it. In my humble opinion this is one of the most important answers you will get out of my 100 fun questions to ask your spouse.


100 questions to ask your spouse parents

What did you like the most about your parent’s relationship?

Your parents and/or caregivers are the people who teach you how to navigate through life. More often than not their relationship is the blueprint for your future connection with friends and family. Do you know what your partner loves about his parents relationship? Find out what he or she thinks makes a successful partnership!  


questions to ask your spouse arguing

What did you like least about your parent’s relationship?

We learn from our families and not everything is a positive lesson. Did your partner grow up in a dysfunctional family? Or maybe his or her parents quarrel incessantly? Hey it can be as simple as silly little annoyances - but what did they find maddening about growing up in their house? This will give you some insight into how you can make your world better too! 


questions to ask your spouse parachuting

Skydiving or spelunking?

Is your spouse an adrenaline junky or do they prefer the comfort and security of home? If they had to choose, what high risk sport would they choose to participate in? Which would they avoid at all costs? Hey I'm more of a motocyclin' sort of gal - but some people prefer the safety of their couch! 


100 fun questions to ask your spouse dinner out

Casual or dressy? Which do you prefer?

Not all us feel comfortable having a dinner at a Michelin rated restaurant or donning a suit and tie! That being said, many do. What’s your partners jam? Would they like a Big Mac at McDonald's or Fois Gras at Au pied du cochon? Is it possible that you are missing the boat when it comes to your spouse's preferences? Find out now!


100 fun questions to ask your spouse perfect day

If you could plan a perfect day from beginning to end, what would you do?

The answer may shock you. Seriously...I bet you have no idea what your spouse will come up with. My fiancé said he would like to sleep in, have a good cuppa joe and no demands on his time. Hmmmm easy-peasy! We can achieve that! So what components make up the perfect day for your spouse?


100 fun questions to ask your spouse goals

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Goals are an important ingredient when it comes to a recipe for a healthy partnership. Is your spouse in the position that he or she wants to be in? It's important for you to grow together - not apart. Remember what you don’t know can hurt you. Keeping abreast of your spouse's happiness is VERY important.


100 fun questions to ask your spouse home

Describe the perfect house?

Fantasy is a great way to define goals. How would your ideal living situation change if money and circumstances were no object? It’s exciting to create things that you could potentially translate into reality! Dreaming is about 50% of the fun. I particularly enjoy the fantasy aspect of 100 fun questions to ask your spouse.


100 fun questions to ask your spouse explore

Are there things you want to do as a couple that we haven’t explored?

Life can get dull. YEP. Too many couples get into a rut that’s hard to get out of and before they know it they've drifted so far apart that it's hard to come back together. I bet there are things you both want to do that you haven’t! Why not explore the unknown together!? It's a wonderful way to jazz things up! 


100 fun questions to ask your spouse affection

Public displays of affection - yay or nay!?

Do you know how your partner feels about holding hands – kissing – maybe even making out? It's interesting, over the years I have met a number of clients that weren't having their needs met. Assuming your partner likes or dislikes something isn't a great idea. The best way to find out is to simply ASK. Why not find out today?


100 questions to ask your spouse irritate

What do I do that makes you wonder WTH?

There is no such thing as a perfect partnership. What do you do that baffles and perplexes your partner? Come on you know there are probably a number of things that irritate your other half. As much as you may dread this conversation, it's a very important one to have. It honestly doesn't make any sense to put your head in the sand. 


100 fun questions to ask your spouse perfume

Perfume or au natural?

I once dated a man that doused himself in cologne before our dates. Did you know some people find scents unappealing? How does your partner feel about yours? Many of our habits are adopted before we meet our spouse so it makes sense to ask what their thoughts are. You may be in the dark! 


100 fun questions to ask your spouse 

If you could live forever would you?

A brave new world faces each and every one of us. New technologies are bringing this possibility closer to reality. If someone created a way to download your consciousness would you do it? Or would you prefer to continue forward with the life cycle of birth and death. This is a very interesting question to ask your spouse.


100 fun questions to ask your spouse fantasy

Do you have some unfilled fantasies?

Not everything is meant to be acted on. Sure you may have some fantasies that should remain just that - but maybe you have some that could become reality. Why not discuss them and bring them to fruition if you think it would jazz things up? This could be an exciting exercise that brings you and your partner closer together!


100 fun questions to ask your spouse sex

What’s your number?

How many sexual partners have you had? It's a question that a lot of us bristle at because at the end of the day, revealing one’s number is a very personal thing. So don’t be surprised if they plead the 5th  - but this is a great way to get to know more about your spouse! Have they been around the block a few times or are they as pure as the driven snow 😉


100 fun questions to ask your spouse love

Have you ever had an unrequited love?

Most of us have, but sometimes we choose to keep this information close to the vest. Finding out more about your spouse’s disappointments and formative moments will make your connection stronger than ever. Heartbreak really changes the way we deal with our relationships. I think this is a VERY important aspect of my 100 fun questions to ask your spouse.


100 fun questions to ask your spouse advice

What advice would you give your younger self if you could travel in a time machine?

How many heartbreaks could you have averted with a little information? Find out what advice your partner would appreciate being given to their younger self. It's amazing how much knowledge we pick up along the way! Sometimes I really think youth is wasted on the young 😉


100 fun questions to ask your spouse mac

Are you a Mac person or a PC person?

Yep! This is an important question! The two are absolutely NOT compatible 😉 I kid. But the answer will reveal a bit about how they like to deal with technology. PCs are much more flexible and tech friendly while Mac are simple and design friendly, if not a little bit more limited. Check out this fun infographic to see how they differ: Click here to read more!


100 fun questions to ask your spouse party

If you had to pick, do you prefer parties or one on one interaction?

Maybe you and your partner have been together so long that you’ve forgotten that parties can be fun. What is the perfect night on the town for your spouse? You might be surprised to see how many people don’t know the answer to this question.


100 fun questions to ask your spouse normal

What does normal mean and does it even exist?

I find a lot of people believe in the happy endings provided by movies and sitcoms – and unfortunately most are disappointed by how far away their real life is from this supposed goal. So, what does normal mean to you? To be honest you may not even know what the answer is to this question is - but it makes for good discussion! 


100 fun questions to ask your spouse impression

What was your very first impression of me?

Ask your partner what they thought of you the day you walked into their life and find out how it’s changed. Reminiscing is fun and you might get some useful insight. It's amazing how first impressions have a tendency to linger. Were they right on the money or completely off base? 


100 questions to ask you spouse laughter

What do I do that makes you laugh?

Laughter is always the best medicine and an important part of any healthy relationship. Do you and your spouse find humour in your daily lives? If not, what are you thinking? There are very few things that are better for you than a good laugh and I highly recommend heavy daily doses! What does your partner do that makes you burst out in peals of laughter?


100 questions to ask your spouse skinny dipping

Have you ever been skinny dipping?

Are you married to a little devil? Skinny dipping is one of those fun things people talk about - but has your spouse actually acted on this impulse? Maybe they are champing at the bit to do something more fun and adventurous. What better way to find out those little secrets than by asking one of my 100 fun questions to ask your spouse.


100 questions to ask your spouse accomplishments

What’s your greatest accomplishment?

It may not be the promotion he or she just received. Maybe it’s simply being able to take a flight without anxiety or fitting into those jeans from college. Try to get to grips with what’s important in your partner’s life. I think one of the biggest relationship busters is quite simple assumptions. So don't assume. ASK!


100 fun questions to ask your spouse back to school

If you could go back to school for anything you wanted? Would you and if so what would it be?

University decisions are made at a very young age. Maybe your partner has changed and would take an entirely different career path? This question could really open up a plethora of options for both of you. It's never too late to consider a new destination and now that people are living longer it's almost a necessity! 


100 questions to ask your spouse annoyed

What annoys you the most about people?

Bet you have a pet peeve! We all do. What characteristics or actions make your blood boil!? People that cut you off on the highway? Or how about the delightful humans that think waiting in lines doesn't apply to them. Find out what irks your spouse. You may be surprised. It's also a good way to exercise those demons - because getting mad only hurts you in the end.


100 fun questions to ask your spouse wine

How do you feel about drinks before 5PM? Fun and irreverent or sketchy behaviour?

Some of my favourite memories are doing something that would be frowned upon by real ADULTS 😉 Bring on the champagne at brunch I say - but not everyone feels this way. Some people have rules when it comes to alcohol. How does your partner feel about ditching work for an afternoon martini? 


100 fun questions to ask your spouse stressed out

When you're stressed out – what do you do?

Stressful situations hit every household. So how does your spouse handle life when the going gets tough. Go out for a run? Hide in bed? Put on a stiff upper lip? We all have different approaches to stress, find out how your partner deals today! 


100 fun questions to ask your spouse thank you

Do you write thank you notes or give them a miss?

Thank you notes used to be a must – now this gesture is not as popular as it once was. How does your spouse feel about the little things? We aren't all on the same page when it comes to social graces. I have a friend who thinks all thank you cards should go the way of the dinosaurs. Why not ask today to find the answer?


100 fun questions to ask your spouse money

If you found $1,000,000 in a briefcase, would you take the cash or try to find the owner?

This would be a real challenge. What if you found $1,000,000 and KNEW no one would catch you if you took it. Would you do the right thing and find the owner or would you pocket it and keep your lips sealed? Is your partner driven by accumulating money or staying true his or her conscience? Find out. This is one of the most revealing of the 100 fun questions to ask your spouse. 


100 fun questions to ask your spouse fame

Fame – yes bring it on or NO WAY it’s for the birds?

Many people dream of fame and fortune - but there is a VERY high price to pay when it comes to privacy and peace of mind.  What does your spouse think? Would they like to fend off the paparazzi or would they prefer anonymity? This says a lot about what is important to them. I personally would never choose this route. What about you? 


100 fun questions to ask your spouse

Quality vs. Quantity in your friendships: What is most important to you?

Do you have a few friends that know you inside and out or a diverse group of buddies that are available on a whim? We are all different. I personally enjoy going out with a few close friends as opposed to a large group of acquaintances but there are many social butterflies out there. How your partner approaches friendship is important. Find out by asking this question today.


100 fun questions to ask your spouse soulmate

Do you believe in soulmates or luck of the draw?

Some people believe that their match was written in the stars before they met, while others think their coupling is nothing more than being in the same time and space with a mutual attraction. What does your spouse think? Was your love meant to be or simply right place right time? Find out what they think about the magic of your coupling.


100 fun questions to ask your spouse lottery

If you won the lottery, what completely ridiculously expensive item would you like to buy?

So much of our lives are taken up by need. What if money was irrelevant. What crazy expensive item would you buy? Would you like to live life to the fullest or would you wisely invest your money and live off the interest to preserve your wealth for future generations. How your spouse answers this question tells you a lot about their business savvy. 


100 fun questions to ask your spouse ice ceam

What food item would you binge eat if no one was looking?

Yes, we’ve all done it – bought a pint of Ben & Jerry’s with no intention of sharing it with anyone else. I have to admit that I lack self control when it comes to chocolate cake. It's really difficult to stop at just one piece and if I think no one's looking I'll cave in and take another bite. What’s your spouse's poison?


100 fun questions to ask your spouse white lies

What do you think about white lies? Is there ever a time and place for them?

Is honesty always the policy? We've all been in the position when a dear family member or friend asks us a question that we don't want to answer honestly. Hurting someone's feelings is not a very good feeling. That being said, is there ever a good time for white lies? Find out what your partner thinks about the little lies we all tell.  Are they a saving grace or simple duplicity? 


100 fun questions to ask your spouse flirting

Is it appropriate to flirt when you are in a relationship?

Hmmm. Some people have open relationships, while others are monogamous but leave a little room for flirtation - then there are those who think this is a no, no and only have eyes for their spouse. Where does your partner fall on this spectrum? We all have different points of view! This question will help you understand more about your partner's perspective. 


100 fun questions to ask your spouse romance

Is romance phoney who-ha or a necessity?

Riding in on a white steed isn’t for everyone. The days of chivalry have been waning for a while now, but there are a few people out there that still adhere romantic principles. Does your love value Valentine’s day or could they give it a miss? You won't know unless you ask. Maybe your spouse is missing something you don't even know about. 


100 fun questions to ask your spouse friend

Is it appropriate to have best friends of the opposite sex?

It's an age old question. Can men and women ever really be JUST FRIENDS – or is there simmering sexual attraction? I personally know people who have had friends of the opposite sex that have remained platonic for decades. Despite this, there are plenty of people that think this is not possible. What does your spouse think? 


100 fun questions to ask your spouse hate

Have you ever hated me?

It’s completely normal to feel hatred for someone you love. As the song says there’s a thin line between love and hate. Have you ever been in a fight and thought man, I can't stand you ANYMORE! I personally think it's all part and parcel of loving someone. So why not ask your spouse if they have ever been this mad. 


100 fun questions to ask your spouse monogamy

Do you think monogamy is natural for human beings?

One partner for LIFE!? Yep that's what it means to be monogamous. For some it’s an easy state of being, while for others it’s a huge challenge. Thankfully we aren't all the same - which means that your spouse may not have the same point of view as you when it comes to keeping the faith. This is one of the more challenging on my 100 fun questions to ask your spouse!  


100 fun questions to ask your spouse trust

Do you trust me?

This may sound simple on the face of it – but not so fast. Trust isn’t always readily available. Maybe your partners has had some tough breaks and this isn’t easy for them...or maybe it's a no brainer and is as easy as 1, 2, 3! There’s no better way to find out than to ask.


100 fun questions to ask your spouse cheating

Have you ever cheated on anyone?

This question is a toughie. Infidelity is common, but past behaviour isn’t a guarantee of future behaviour. That being said it’s always good to know where your partner stands on this. Have they had past indiscretions and if so, how did they handle them? This will provide some insight into how they feel about relationships and the tough obstacles that face them.


100 fun questions to ask your spouse emotional affair

Do emotional affairs count?

Cheating isn’t the only way to step out on your partner. Is it possible have an emotional affair even if you remain sexually faithful? You know what I mean - when you get your fix of attention from someone besides your spouse. For some this is worse than strictly physical infidelity. How does your spouse feel about this? 


100 fun questions to ask your spouse self

How would you describe yourself to someone who never met you?

As I mentioned above, people often view themselves in a very different light than others see them. It makes sense to find out how your spouse thinks the world perceives them. This will give you a lot of information about how their inner world works. I really love this question because often you will take note of aspects of their personality that may have slipped past your radar. 


100 fun questions to ask your spouse holding back

Do I hold you back from doing things you want to do?

Ok this isn't one of the easiest of my 100 fun questions to ask your spouse, BUT it is one of the most important. We aren't always honest with ourselves and others. Are there things your partner would do if they thought you wouldn't mind? If so, it's best to address these issues before they bite you in the bum. Fake it til you make it isn't acceptable in a healthy relationship. 


100 fun questions to ask your spouse dating

Do you believe in love at first sight?

You know the drill - you spot your spouse across a crowded room and BAM. It's all over. You're in love and ready to walk down the aisle. Is it a myth or a reality? Is an event like this purely sexual attraction or the ultimate cosmic connection? Find out what your spouse thinks about love at first site tonight!


100 fun questions to ask your spouse lies

Have you ever lied to me to spare my feelings?

Chances are the answer to this question is yes. We all do this to one extent or the other. But, it can be detrimental to your relationship. Sometimes the truth is painful but helps us grow. Does your spouse lie to you to keep the peace or "make you happy"? Find out and nip this bad habit in bud before it gets out of control.


100 fun questions to ask your spouse boxing

Boxing gloves or smooth talking, which do you prefer?

For some arguing is the spice of life and for others it’s an energy drain. How do you work out your differences? A good old fashioned knock down, drag out fight OR simply using your silver tongue to cool things down? Find out how your spouse would like to resolve future issues. 


100 fun questions to ask your spouse heart

Out of sight out of mind or does absence make the heart grow fonder?

Because people have different needs this is a question you should always know the answer to. Are you and your partner smothering one another or do you have a healthy balance? Some people need extensive periods of "alone" time while others are content to be with their spouse 24/7. Find out what your spouse thinks today. The answer could really help you get closer.


100 fun questions to ask your spouse goals

Do you think we are moving towards our goals?

With so much going on in life it’s easy to spin your wheels. Too many of us allow the day to day details to keep us from attaining goals. So what is your partner's take on the status of your forward momentum. I have a lot of clients who keep things in and don't share their disappointment with their spouse. Don't let this happen to you - find out the answer when you go through my 100 fun questions to ask your spouse.


100 fun questions to ask your spouse communication

Do you feel we communicate well?

Yackety yack. We sure do a lot of it in this world and this can't be more true than it is in relationships. The thing is, more often than not we aren't getting what our partners are putting down unless we've done some work along the way.  So does your spouse think your communication needs some work? The answer you get may be surprising. 


100 fun questions to ask your spouse grateful

What are you grateful for?

There's a world of things that we take for granted. When you are having a bad day often all the goodness in your life gets thrown out the window in a fit of rage. Practicing gratitude is one of the best gifts you can give yourself and your loved ones, because it's a reminder of all that's wonderful. So what is your spouse grateful for?  


100 fun questions to ask your spouse remembering

How do you want to be remembered?

It's so easy to get wrapped up in superficial things that we forget what we want our mark to be. This exercise can help you and your partner remember what's important and inspire you to move toward it. Face it, life is not easy or simple but you have to keep your eye on the prize of risk squandering your days. So how would your spouse like to be remembered? 


100 fun questions to ask your spouse glass empty

Are you a glass full of half empty kind of person?

A compatible outlook helps people navigate choppy waters, but so does balance. Does your spouse see life as glass full or glass half empty? Rose coloured glasses can be a little deceiving but bitterness isn't the answer either. Answering my 100 fun questions to ask your spouse will really give you some insight into the inner workings of your partner. 


100 fun questions to ask your spouse disaster

What would you do in case of disaster? Stay in the city – where’s there’s people there’s help! OR make your way into the wild?

Is your partner a homesteader or a city dweller? It’s good to know how they would react to a switch in circumstances. You never know when disaster will strike. Find out how your spouse would handle a disaster and develop a plan of action. It' s always good to have one my friends.


100 fun questions to ask your spouse space

Space travel is now safe and easy. Do you want to stay on planet earth or explore the unknown?

Not everyone is an astronaut. Is your partner an explorer or would he or she rather remain at home where things are safe and familiar? I for one wouldn't be in a rush to pop on a spacesuit and head to Jupiter but it would be fun to find out if my fiance would enjoy it! 


100 fun questions to ask your spouse self help

Is self-help new age-y malarkey or a great way to take charge of your circumstances?

Tony Robbins isn’t for everyone. How do you feel about the rise of inspirational thinkers and teachers? Do you feel excited by the possibilities or do you think these guys are just out to make a dollar by addressing people's insecurities? Find out what your spouse thinks now! 


100 fun questions to ask your spouse reincarnation

Reincarnation? Of course…or you’ve gotta be kidding me?

Lots of people believe in reincarnation. This may seem ridiculous to you - but to others it's a firmly held belief. How does your partner feel about this concept? Does your spouse think they've lived before? This is an awesome question to ask when you can't sleep late at night.


100 fun questions to ask your spouse skill

Is there a skill you always wanted to have, but could never attain?

For me it’s jewellery making! There’s no way I could come up with some of those designs, but wouldn’t it be grand? Is there a skill your spouse would have liked to have acquired but simply didn't have the time and/or resources. This is another interesting question to ask that may reveal hidden things about your partner.


100 fun questions to ask your spouse college

A University Education: Something you should pay for – or a basic human right?

How does your partner feel about subsidized education? There are many people who think education is a basic human right which would improve the quality of life for everyone if it was offered liberally. Then there are others that think it's something that should be earned. This is an interesting debate which will give you some idea of what your spouse's values are.


100 fun questions to ask your spouse opportunity

Did you ever just let a great opportunity pass you by?

Maybe you were lazy, scared or whatever…but have you ever allowed something amazing to slip through your fingers? Come on, so many of us have done this. You know the one that got away? So why not ask your spouse about opportunities they wish they had taken. The answer may help you both find a future you never thought was possible. 


100 fun questions to ask your spouse differences

What are our biggest differences?

Be honest! This is a great way to get to know more about each other. Differences are the SPICE of life. Unfortunately they are looked at as a negative by too many people. I couldn't disagree more. Quite often couples come together precisely because of their differences. Why not use them to your advantage? Ask your spouse today! 


100 fun questions to ask your spouse strength

Last but not least! 100! What are our biggest strengths

You and your partner are together for a reason! What aspects of your personality gel in a way that is unbeatable? Far too often we concentrate on what's not working.  It's imperative to also take into consideration what works and acknowledge and celebrate it! You picked your spouse for a reason. Take some time to reflect on it. 

100 Fun Questions to Ask Your Spouse!  Make Them Part of Your Conversations with Your Honey 

I can’t recommend my 100 questions to ask your spouse enough. If you take some time to switch up your usual conversation points you will find yourself connecting in ways you never thought possible. 

Even when you think there is nothing left to learn about the person you have decided to spend your life with – something comes out of the blue to surprise you. 

Remember, relationships are active living organisms that need time, love and attention to thrive. 

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