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Anger Rooms, A New Rage Or Encouraging More Rage?

Anger Rooms

Anger rooms are now being offered as a  place for people to express their frustration in a post-Trump nation.

Hey, whatever your political perspective you have to acknowledge – there’s a lot of anger out there.

Anger is the lazy person’s emotion. It’s quick, it’s binary, it’s delicious. And more and more, we’re gorging on it. America’s Anger is Out of Control, Time Magazine 


Donna Alexander, a former restaurant manager in Dallas Texas came up with a way for people to express themselves without getting arrested.

For a mere (ahem) $25.00 for 5 minutes you can take a baseball bat to electronics and furniture to express your rage!


Anger Rooms Are For Angry People

I hear ya.

Everyone has a moment where they want to tear up a room. You know what I mean?  Just destroy everything in your path with no regard to the cost, emotional or financial?

Of course, you have! It’s human. 

Maybe you are getting a divorce after your cheating husband left you for your best friend or possibly you just heard the news that you are being passed over for a promotion.

Typical responses include anger, disappointment, and sadness. It’s all part of the healing process and to bypass them is not a balanced approach to mental health.


Anger Room Divorce

Anger Rooms Provide a Band-Aide Solution

You can’t just gloss things over and move on without reflection. So what’s so bad about finding an outlet for your frustration? 

This anger room thing is starting to sound like a pretty fantastic idea at this moment – right? Hey, there’s no harm done…or is there? 

I have been working as a counselor in the mental health profession for decades and I can’t think of a less efficient way to deal with anger than to pay money to break things in an “anger room”.

Anger is an umbrella emotion that encompasses fear and/or pain.

There is always so much more connected to this response than what you see on the surface.

Acting out anger by smashing things, taking it out on a punching bag or however you choose to exorcise this demon, only temporarily addresses the adrenaline rush; it does nothing to resolve the root issues.

In short, you are using a Band-Aid that simply covers up the real problems for a very short period of time. 

…in my humble opinion what you want to do is get to the root of what’s bothering you. 

Band Aide Anger Room

Anger Rooms Could Fuel Negative Responses in the Future

I strongly believe that acting out in an anger room will actually encourage future bad behavior.


If you indulge your impulses you’ll spark a pattern that will be tough to circumvent when you need to. One of the biggest hurdles people with ADHD and ADD struggle with is acting on impulse. A lot of time and effort is spent by people with these disorders trying to cultivate measured responses. 

So, why on earth would you want to short circuit your rational cause and effect thought process? It’s there to protect your best interests. 

On balance, an ideal approach would be to figure out the cause of the anger to short circuit it and then find alternative ways to express your emotions.

Anger Room Mindfulness

Mindfulness & Meditation Release You from the Bonds of Anger

My practice is firmly rooted in mindfulness, meditation and changing thought patterns so you can live a healthier and happier life.

An anger room goes against everything I believe ultimately helps my patients transcend negative cycles of behavior. 

There is a lot of  truth in this quote: 

When angry, count ten before you speak; if very angry, one hundred. Thomas Jefferson


Let’s face it anger most definitely has its place in our world. It can help you fight injustice, it can protect you and it can provide an outlet for emotions that have become too much to bear.

That being said, excessive anger can trigger heart disease, diabetes, and other serious health conditions. 

All things considered, if you are in an anger cycle NOTHING good will come of it.

Studies have shown that there is a multitude of health benefits generated by meditation. It lowers blood pressure, decreases anxiety and will help you rein in impulsive and angry behavior. Sounds pretty good if you ask me! 

If you are having problems with anger, give us a call at Fraley & Associates. We’ll never have an anger room – but we will help you find better ways to cope with your frustration. 

Anger Rooms Don't Work
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