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The Education Gap Between Rich and Poor Areas Is Widening

By | April 13th, 2018|

Is the education gap between rich and poor areas a myth? NOPE and this is something I'm acutely aware of. I live in two very different worlds.A home in rural Idaho and an apartment in urban Washington gives me unique insight into the Education Gap Between rich and poor school districts.Money absolutely makes a difference when it comes to the quality of the educational programs offered to children in specific areas.…and it shouldn’t.A public education ideally means that the public receives equal opportunity when it comes to core subjects and accommodations for special needs but this simply isn’t the case.Maybe you’re wondering why [...]

Some SERIOUS Self Care Tips from a Busy Psychologist

By | March 5th, 2018|

Self care and the holidays aren't necessarily synonymous! You might be wondering why I'm writing a post holiday article now. It's because I've sat by and watched far too many holiday seasons pass without really thinking about what matters most. My health - and I bet I'm far from alone. The countdown starts after Thanksgiving, when the Christmas songs are piped into all the shops. Norman Rockwell scenes and old movies provide a template that way too many of us try to emulate.Real life just isn’t that simple my friends.They call it Christmas vacation, but there have been years when I’ve felt [...]

Cognitive Ability and the Aging Brain: Your Mind Can Get STRONGER As You Age!

By | December 26th, 2017|

What if I told you that everything you think you know about the aging process, cognitive ability and your brain is flawed?What if I told you that your mind can get stronger as you get older?It’s important for people to understand that aging doesn’t necessarily mean you will find yourself submerged in ever increasing “senior moments”. You don’t have to sit idly by and accept that your cognitive ability will wither with time.There is so much that’s within your control, and I am going to show you have you can take charge of your aging mind.I’ve watched as the ravages [...]

Mental Health and Academic Achievement – Let’s Face It School and Mental illness are Inseparable

By | September 30th, 2017|

Mental health and academic achievement are absolutely connected!There's no way around it, they are inextricably linked issues.How can you possibly achieve great things when your life is spinning out of control?We’ve all encountered mental health problems at some point or another, whether they be serious long term battles or temporary brushes with emotionality.In my experience, we vastly underestimate the far-reaching implications of mental health on every aspect of our lives from academic achievement to interpersonal relationships. Mental Health and Academic Achievement: More Children Than You Know have Issues 1 out of every 5 children have mental health issues!Yep and the sad [...]

100 Fun Questions to Ask Your Spouse! When “Hi Honey” Isn’t Cutting It Anymore

By | August 12th, 2017|

Check out my list of 100 fun questions to ask your spouse. Connecting with your partner is all about mindfulness.How often do you have mechanical conversations with your other half? Come on, now be HONEST.Ladies and gentlemen, you know exactly what I am talking about! “Hi honey, how was your day?”…with scintillating conversation like this who needs to even think about an answer. This conversation begs for simple stock replies.“Oh, I picked up a gallon of milk and some asparagus. How was your day?”Blah. Just Going Through the Motions? 100 Fun Questions to Ask Your Spouse! SO I am going to share [...]

Complete Guide to the Best Foods for Brain Health!

By | June 5th, 2017|

I've got the best foods for brain health in a handy dandy list for easy consumption! Wann feel better fast? Eat well my friends. Food and wellness have been intertwined since the beginning of time. It’s impossible to address mental health issues without first assessing what you eat. It’s a conundrum that western doctors seriously underestimate.The facts are staggering – healthy eating is not emphasized in medical school.The result?  Over the years, we’ve become an increasingly pharmaceutical driven society. If you have high blood pressure you can take Lisinopril, if you have high cholesterol you might be offered Lipitor……pain in your [...]

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