Concerns to be Treated:

  • Cognitive Intellectual Development
  • Perception
  • Attention & Concentration
  • Reading, Math & Writing
  • Impact of Traumatic Events
  • Social Development/Supportive Relationships
  • Organizing Information
  • Memory Functions:
  • Study/Organizational Skills
  • Impact of Past & Present Emotional, Behavioral and Social Factors
  • Change in Behavior and/or Mood
  • Motivation & Future Outlook
  • Sleeping & Eating Patterns

4 Step Treatment Process For a More Successful Life:


Our process begins with an initial intake appointment. This time is used to lay the foundational groundwork. The tone of the conversation is relaxed and positive. The intake includes a thorough history, prenatal to present day and an opportunity to discuss pressing concerns (academic, behavioural, and/or emotional). At the end of this first appointment, a decision will be made regarding the scope of the evaluation. In each case an evaluation is tailored to fit the client’s needs and immediate plans are both developed and scheduled.


In the evaluation stage, we focus on assessing the client’s learning process and/or psychological concerns. We evaluate both academic and psychological performance through the use of nationally validated tests, as well as interviews and relevant observations from others close to the client (teachers, doctors, spouses, employers, etc.) and review of medical history where relevant. Evaluation results are then compared with their corresponding nationally represented peer group as well as prior levels of functioning.


During the consultation, we present a report of our evaluation results, conclusions and recommendations. Our recommendations typically include items that can be addressed both by our staff and by others close to the client (parents, teachers, doctors and other professionals). At this stage in the process, we know the individual’s learning and / or psychological profile and what needs to be done. Together, we set specific goals and explain how to best archive them as a team. The stage is then set for us to begin working on the creation of a much more competent and capable person. Ultimately, we want to give the client all the tools necessary to accomplish their specific goals.


Evaluation provides in-depth insight about what is causing the problem because things aren’t always what they appear to be. This insight leads to effective and efficient remediation and accommodations.

The treatment phase is the beginning of an exciting, rewarding time for our staff and clients. Our extensive experience has shown us that by working together we can guide our clients to more successful lives. Many times, the level of success is more than they ever thought possible.