Playing also makes the child feel like they are in a safe and familiar environment. The increased comfort level allows the child to speak freely and express their emotions. Children may have trouble expressing their emotional problems with their parents for fear of upsetting or disappointing them.

A therapist offers a consequence-free environment so that children can say whatever is on their mind. Giving a child an open forum to speak can help them bring their problems into the open. Enabling them to find out what is at the root of their anger, depression, aggressiveness, or whatever the issue may be.

The parents will also be involved in this process as well. The therapist will meet with the parents to keep them informed of the progress they are making in therapy. They may also make suggestions to use in the home to benefit the therapeutic process. You may need to set more restrictions in some cases for your child and loosen restrictions for others.

Therapy gives your child an outlet to express their problems and issues in a safe and comfortable environment that may not be available elsewhere. This can help to resolve any emotional or mental issues they are dealing with. The goal of therapy for your child is to increase their overall wellbeing and to set them on the right path to developing emotionally, socially, and mentally. If you think your child can benefit from therapy please call to schedule a consultation today.

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