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Whole Brain Living Enables You to Life Your Best Life!

Whole Brain Living

Who would have thought that a serious stroke would be the beginning of something quite wonderful? This is a story that should have you question what makes you happy.

One morning Neuroanatomist Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor sustained damage to the left hemisphere of her brain. As a result, she lost most of her memory, sense of self, her ability to walk, talk or think things through logically.

What could be worse for an academic?

Fortunately, her experience was not what one would think. Due to the stroke, Dr. Bolte Taylor lost not only her identity but her ability to connect and know herself.

Despite the incredible pain and a recovery that took 8 years, there was light at the end of the tunnel.

During this period she was able to shed 37 years of emotional baggage.

A "Stroke" of Genius

Can you imagine what that would feel like? One day you just don’t have the ties that bind you to both the good and bad experiences accumulated over a lifetime.

In an amazing twist of fate, the loss of the skills attributed to the left-brain enabled her to fully tap into the right hemisphere, thus opening up a window to Nirvana. In a moment of clarity, she realized that she was at one with the universe.

All limitations placed on her by the left-brain were lifted.

Through sheer determination, Dr. Bolte Taylor fully recovered from her stroke and was determined to share her story with us. It is her firm belief that everyone can shift from the left to the right brain depending on needs and circumstances. Thus using the whole brain in a deliberate manner.

This leads us to the implementation of whole brain living.

Whole Brain

Whole Brain Living the Key to a Better Life

Our brains are split into a right and left hemisphere. Each side has a very different way of dealing with stimulus.

Most of us believe that one side of the brain tends to be dominant.

The left-brain is very much focused on the individual; it’s analytical and verbal.

The right brain is intuitive, emotional and relies on images rather than words.

Whole brain living is learning to integrate these two very different sections of the brain.

Exploring the complementary nature of the two sides, eventually allows one to use them to their fullest extent.

whole brain living

Unfortunately, there is a push in standardized school systems towards cultivating a left-brain dominant population.

The arts are being dropped, which is extraordinarily disappointing as using the whole brain really gives people the best possible chance to achieve ultimate happiness and success.

Yes It's True! You Can Change - Find What Makes You Happy! 

Dr. Bolte Taylor’s story is important not only in terms of integrating both sides of the brain, but she has also demonstrated that you can change who you are!

When you think of this in terms of dysfunctional personalities and mental health diagnoses that have long been accepted as permanent (bipolar disorder, depression, anxiety, etc.) it becomes clear that there is no such thing as hard-wired when it comes to the brain.

You can accomplish whatever changes you want.

It’s only a matter of understanding how to reroute the way your brain communicates with itself, which in turn influences your sense of who you are.

Whole Brain Living Happiness

Witnessing what happened to Jill before and after her stroke clearly illustrates that you can radically alter who you are. 

This includes freeing yourself from mental health issues and neurocognitive challenges. How amazing is that?

So to answer the question – what makes you happy? Well, that really depends on you. At Fraley & Associates, we help people find their unique path to wellness. Give us a call today to start the process.

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